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Environmental Studies                                                                                                              



As defined by the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA), "the concept of rules of environmental, or environmental regulations applicable, includes those rules intended to ensure the protection of the environment, preservation of nature and conservation of environmental heritage, and impose an obligation or requirement which compliance must be certified by the developer or activity during the evaluation process "and then during operation of the project.

Also worth noting (as he SEA) that "Law 19.300, on General Bases of the Environment, provides that the holder of any project activity is submitted to SEIA is required to identify the applicable environmental rules to your project or activity and point out how compliance will to it. "

Possessing an RCA does not involve a long-term environmental authorization it requires a continuous review of compliance, as these must be met on an ongoing basis.

Soluciones Austral Ltda., performed:

Environmental Impact Statement Studies for fishery or aquaculture projects.

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for fishery or aquaculture projects.

Review of the RCA granted, which means a verification of the compliance status of the Environmental Qualification Resolution project on the current situation of this. Emission report conformities and non-conformities of the review. And development of relevant recommendations.



Acuaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

Our company does diagnosis of the company situation  respect to its aquaculture farms and processing plant and the requirements for the ASC certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and CoC certification (Chain of Custody or Chain of Custody) MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) respectively .

Our company does advise to achieve compliance in each aquaculture farm, processing plant and related or external provider with the requirements of the ASC certification, with the minimum cost possible or advisable.



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