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Consulting, Survey and Lay-Out                                                                                 



Technical Survey

Where a series of engineering techniques and procedures used in collecting data referring to a system, or in general, to what is the object of the work or analysis are applied in order to represent reality as accurately as possible to starting from the different activities and tasks that are carried out in a process to achieve a certain result or product through Lay-Out, plan or scheme or other required representation.

The Technical Survey includes engineering, hydraulics of fish farms, anchors and culture networks farming or seawolf nets among others.


Soluciones Austral Ltda. provides a professional consulting service specialized in the area and industry of aquaculture and fishing in Chile, provided by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge.

The main consultancies and consultancies are:

Process Alignment

Monitoring and Project Control

Technical Survey  

Environmental Studies

Technological Surveillance 

Stock Assessment

Fish Farming Nets, Sea Wolf Nets and Fleets


Data Analysis


Soluciones Austral Ltda. Puerto Montt, Chile


Stock Assessment 

Now it becomes important the need to reduce the stress in farmed fish, so unnecessary handling of these is a problem. Sampling, counts and splittings are a problem. There are some tools to count fish through infrared sensors or other, but the fish should be handled the same. Regarding sampling weight, it must be weighed a representative sample of fish, which also requires handling.

Our company offers service and consulting about:

1. Offer evaluation stock assessment service  in fish farming

2. Provide a quick and efficient way to evaluate conversions and good food delivred

3. Provide certification biomass (weight and size)

4. Provide calibration service or correction of results obtained by biomass estimates, adjusting the standard curves of the equipment to the fish growth curves  in evaluation.

5. Ecointegration of schools.



Production Control Software for Aquaculture and Fisheries

Our company has also developed software for aquaculture production control (controlling growth, production, food for crop species). And solutions for production control for fishing and seaweed extract (with which you can control costs, inputs, extraction and sale of seafood products, plus keep track management).

Production Control Software for Process Plants PYME

Our Company offers systems for production control and management of small process plants.

Management control Software

The software for management control in companies allows control of the operation and it is possible to deliver dispatch guides and invoices as well as control and management reports. Additionally, a financial control module has been developed, which allows to know the cash flow of the operation. Includes Excel and Acces applications.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a process that consists of inspecting, cleaning and transforming data in order to highlight useful information, to suggest conclusions and support in decision making.

In other words, data analysis aims to understand the nature of the origin of the data and to understand the nature of the results obtained from said data. Data is transformed into actionable ideas where the data processing platform is secondary.

It is important to note that despite having the best data analysis systems, if you do not have quality and reliable data, it is not possible to obtain useful results. This is based on the "GIGO" axiom.


Process Alignment

When the organizational strategy is far from the business strategy and it is not satisfying the dynamism of the industry where it is developed or the versatility of its clients, it is a sign that its processes do not contribute to productivity in the business, since its complexities are being dealt with ad hoc and not through an effective tactic.

In fact, this mutual support between organizational strategy and process management must converge to achieve alignment and thus achieve a unified work.


Monitoring and Project Control

An audit can consist of reviewing if the developed project adheres to the initial planning, evaluation and implementation (project theory), or a review can be made and thus have a second and even a third opinion regarding a project in particular.

It is possible to audit and certify projects in process or already developed. The Engineering audit focuses on designs, equipment, systems and processes. The consultancy focuses on verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, correcting design and operation problems and reviewing critical points and their correct control.



Technological Surveillance 

Technological surveillance is an organized, selective and permanent process of capturing information from outside and from the organization itself on science and technology, selecting it, analyzing it, disseminating it and communicating it, to convert it into knowledge to make decisions with less risk and to be able to anticipate the changes.

Applicable to regulations, legislation, political and social changes.

Technological surveillance allows us to be constantly aware of changes, events or regulations, so that we can manage the adaptation of companies to the new scenarios in which they develop.




Environmental Studies

As defined by the Environmental Evaluation Service (SEA), "the concept of rules of environmental, or environmental regulations applicable, includes those rules intended to ensure the protection of the environment, preservation of nature and conservation of environmental heritage, and impose an obligation or requirement which compliance must be certified by the developer or activity during the evaluation process "and then during operation of the project.

Also worth noting (as he SEA) that "Law 19.300, on General Bases of the Environment, provides that the holder of any project activity is submitted to SEIA is required to identify the applicable environmental rules to your project or activity and point out how compliance will to it."

Possessing an RCA does not involve a long-term environmental authorization it requires a continuous review of compliance, as these must be met on an ongoing basis.

Review of the RCA granted, which means a verification of the compliance status of the Environmental Qualification Resolution project on the current situation of this. Emission report conformities and non-conformities of the review. And development of relevant recommendations.


Fish Farming Nets , Sea Wolf Nets and Fleets


It is always possible to improve a system or make it more efficient, so technical survey of moorings, cultivation nets or lobe netsworks can be carried out to achieve a more effective and efficient network, the ideal network should be:

 a) Effective: The net must be an effective barrier to attack sea lions, and prevent them from approaching the fish in culture. So how to properly hold the fish in culture.

b) Efficient: The net must avoid at all times sea lions attack, and keep away these animals near the fish, both to prevent damage to these as well as stress. Prevent escape of fish, prevent fouling and maintain fixing structure and volume. 

c) Economy: The net must be low cost, both in materials and in its maintenance and replacement.

d) Safe for installation (people): The net should be easy to install and remove, should be simple in configuration and have no danger elements.

e) Ecological: The net should not be dangerous for sea lions, fish or people so that they may suffer damage, or death. The net should not be pollutant or source of infection from diseases or parasites.


Soluciones Austral Ltda. with extensive experience in  Farming  nets performs nets design or modifications, for better performance and efficiency.

We make recommendations, advice or consultancy in the engineering of farming networks, according to the needs of each producer in aquaculture.