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Projects change over time, as these tend to move away from the original planning. You can say that the projects are alive and changing.

For This reason, the idea of auditing projects, reassessing them and defining how they have changed. The concept of audit, as well as financial audits, is intended to give certainty that the processes defined or designed are carried out as designed, which is known as knowing the satisfying states of the desired requirements (total quality or continuous quality).

Since projects are developed by people and resources are sometimes limited, proper planning and control is required, managing operations efficiently. The interrelation that exists between the components or areas (or departments) of a project must also be taken into account, so the operation control must be planned, to know and solve the critical points in the operational and productive chain.




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The projects, in general, are complex, their administration and management are not simple, so in general, the following should be kept in mind:

1. Planning
2. Project life cycle
3. Areas of knowledge associated with the project
4. Needs and Expectations
5. Risk and uncertainty
6. Monitoring and control
7. Management and coordination
8. Information Technology

Obviously, there are a lot of tools to do the above and of course a number of other elements that have not been considered in this analysis, however the idea of these comments are related to paying due attention to the projects in design, in Start-up or already in full development, since the costs are always lower if corrections are made before problems arise or they hardly appear and prevent failures from developing for a long time.


Project Review

A large number of engineering projects and different processes or systems are developed in aquaculture companies. However, in some cases, these projects do not review and those may be suffering severe changes under time. This situation needs to be reviewed.

An audit consists of a reviewing whether the developed project if adheres to the initial planning, evaluation, and implementation (project theory), or a review can be made and thus have a second and even a third opinion regarding a project in particular.

A continuous review over time can improve projects and therefore obtain better performance from them. We must not forget that productive projects, such as fish farming, (mollusks, algae) are long-term projects. They also work in a dynamic environment and these in themselves are dynamic, therefore it is necessary to evaluate them continuously.

Project Monitoring and Control