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UFBAF (Up Flow Biological Aerated Filter) Technology

UFBAF® is a physical and biological process that filters, adsorbs and oxidizes/reduces in a single stage, obtaining high-quality water.

This system allows treatment for water from a well, river or spring, either, heavy metal filtration, suspended solids, nitrates and ammoniums. As well as specific applications in aquaculture and drinking water.

It allows water to be filtered for production in pisciculture, wine, beers, fruits and other processes that require high-quality water. Without adding chemical compounds, nor generating toxic waste.

The system allows processing small or large volumes of water.

It also allows pre-treatment of seawater (for UV, Ozone, desalination, disinfection)

UFBAF Technology can be presented in an iGLOO unit, making it portable, "plug and play" and scalable.


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