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Our company has developed tools to achieve more efficient processes in management, strategy and technology.

The goal is to provide our customers with products and services accesible, so that they can implement practical, effective and efficient solutions to meet their production needs related to fisheries and aquaculture.

For this, we offer professional advice, services and premium products according to the demands and challenges of the industry.

Soluciones Austral Limited is a service company and technology for aquaculture and fishing area, focused on consulting service and improving operations and production of fish, shellfish and seaweed. Our goal is to provide expertise to support the production and operation and technology transfer.

Our company focuses on innovations implemented to support the management and production control, through a range of products in water treatment through modular solutions backed by Spanish companies leaders in water treatment. We also offer design services such as mooring systems, fish farming nets, evaluation and control of projects, evaluation of aquatic populations, Evaluation and Control of Production and Service Management and Financial Management. We are a reliable alternative to access services and technology managing to be a real partner for the development of their projects.

We have developed the software for operational control systems, control aquaculture production, control of finance and management control.
Soluciones Austral Limited proposed solutions to satisfy the needs of the aquaculture industry and fisheries.

Soluciones Austral Limited is headquartered in the region of Los Lagos ( South of Chile ), Chile. And we serve throughout Chile and other countries. 


Soluciones Austral Ltda. Puerto Montt, Chile