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Deep Aeration. 

Deep aeration consists of the injection of air at the bottom of a lagoon or lake, in order to create a water-air column, which allows the bottom water, with low oxygen content, to mix with the water of the high oxygen surface. In this process, millions of air bubbles intervene, which in its ascending process transfers oxygen to the water, achieving a natural balance of the environment.

Benefits of Aeration Technology:

Sludge Reduction
    Algae Reduction
    Mosquito Elimination
    oxygenation of funds
    Bacteria removal
    Odor Elimination
    Balancing the aquatic ecosystem

Lakes and Lagoons Recovery                                                                                                   
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Oxygen efficiency results for LWA 1.5 hose

Standar Oxygen Transfer Efficiency


Soluciones Austral Ltda. Puerto Montt, Chile


Disks for recovery of lakes or lagoons.

Fine bubble diffusion discs have been designed to achieve the highest yields in oxygen transfer with very low energy consumption.
The modular disc diffusers are built on a stainless steel bracket, which can accommodate different types of aeration pipe.
Its diameter of 1300 mm is optimized to cover a large area and offer maximum efficiency in oxygen transfer avoiding the coalescence of bubbles.