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UFBAF Technology (Up Flow Biological Aerated Filter)

UFBAF® is a physical and biological process that filters, adsorbs and oxidizes / reduces in a single stage, achieving high quality water
This system allows treatment for drinking water, heavy metals and suspended solids, nitrates and ammonia. And specific applications in aquaculture.
It also allows pretreatment of seawater (for UV, Ozone, desalination, disinfection)
The UFBAF Technology can be presented in an iGLOO unit, making it portable, "plug and play" and scalable.


Water Treatment and Aeration  Systems                                                                                    




Filtration System Through Cartridge.

Water filtration system for metals (Al, Cu, Fe, Mn), whose configuration is composed of interchangeable cartridges. The system is designed for rapid implementation against unforeseen changes in the concentration of metals in the water of fish farms, as a result of seasonal phenomena or unexpected events in water bodies. The equipment uses a mixture of mechanical filtering and adsorption processes, it can work in a horizontal or vertical water flow arrangement which allows sizing for different filtering situations.










Inverse osmosis

Process that allows water microfiltration.


Sludge treatment service.

Outsourcing of sludge treatment. Since the mud treatment systems are complex, they require continuous maintenance, both preventive and corrective, and a constant calibration (according to the density, quantity, characteristics and flow of the sludge).
The system will be composed of sludge pre-treatment, centrifugal decanter filter and storing. The system is arranged inside a container for transport and operation, which makes it portable and "plug and play", except for the storage, which can be done in ponds, bins or others.












Seawater desalination plant

Desalination system of sea water by reverse osmosis, automatic, different models according to flow.












Ionic Exchange

Continuous regeneration system, by means of electric charges. Adaptable for any demand of flow.











Systems that solve hard water problems. Automatic and low maintenance systems.

Water treatment and aeration systems

Sand filters, Rotary filters, Skimmer
UV Light Systems (lamps), Ozone Systems
Aeration systems for water bodies recovery
Aeration systems to mitigate micro-algae bloom phenomena.
Oxygenation systems of water bodies.
Purification of Molluscs.



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UV lamps

Alternative UV lamps for the main brands and models

UV systems water disinfection

Open (channel) and closed UV systems , for a variety of flows and processes, standard and custom.


Rotary Filters

Rotary filtration equipment, for a wide range of filtration.



Ozone Systems

Equipment for ozone generation, for water disinfection. wide range of ozone production and water flow.


RAS plants for welboats

RAS plants for boats, dimensionable to the needs of transfer.


Sand filters

Sand filter equipment, for different needs and configurable to the different needs or benefits.



Skimmer equipment, dimensionable to the different needs.


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