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Soluciones Austral Ltda.
Engineering and Consulting


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Management and Strategy

We offer consulting services in the business administration area, management and consulting in financial management.

Water Treatment


We have a wide range of systems for water treatment, inflowing, effluent, recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) and liquid industrial waste.




Enviromental Studies

We provide the service of development of environmental studies to obtain operating license in aquaculture


Microalgae Bloom Mitigation

Aeration system for microalgae bloom mitigation. We have a reliable and low cost operational system to mitigate microalgae bloom through the generation of a curtain of water and air bubbles.


Service specialized in the area and industry of aquaculture and fishing, provided by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge. Such as technical survey, technological surveillance, control, processes and others.


Lakes and Lagoons Recovery

Deep aeration system for recovery of lakes and lagoons, oxygenation and aeration of the water column.


Project Monitoring and Control

The monitoring and control of projects seek to reduce uncertainty in the operation or life of an aquaculture project

Filtration of Dissolved Metals

Filtration of disolved metals in water for pisciculture and drinking water


Projects and Engineering

Our service is to provide to companies from  aquaculture industry consulting in project development , start up, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of aquaculture and fisheries projects.